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Summary Eclipse tools for OSGi development
Category construction
License Eclipse Public License - v 1.0
Owner(s) d_nachev, s_boshev

Project Overview

The mToolkit project equips the Eclipse community with the necessary tools for fast adoption of the OSGi technology. They extend the Eclipse development environment with a complete range of capabilities and facilities for the development and deployment of OSGi components and applications.


  • Remote OSGi framework connectivity, which gives you access to information available in external OSGi runtimes and ability to manage the bundles/deployment packages/applications in it without leaving Eclipse.
  • Easy to use editor and generator for deployment packages (114 Deployment Admin Specification, OSGi Service Compendium, R4.1), which helps you to design and generate deployment packages, without holding the OSGi specification next to you.


mToolkit 3.0 was released!

January 5, 2010

mToolkit 3.0 was released. You can go grab it and start playing with it. We fixed many problems, which we found during the development, but some of them are still lurking around. If you find a problem (or have usability concerns and/or feedback), don't hesitate to file an issue and we'll do our best to nail it down.

Here is a short list of the notable changes:

  • Remote OSGi Management obtained support for applications, which conforms to Application Admin Service Specification: user is able to list/start and stop applications.
  • Usability tweaks have been made to the Remote OSGi Management: better console, better search and filter support, improved toolbar usage and many more.
  • Deployment Package Editor was introduced. It gives ability to easily craft deployment packages, which are fully compliant with the Deployment Admin Spefication.
  • Component Description Editor was dropped from the mToolkit distribution. The code is still available in SVN, but the development is stopped at the moment.
  • User documentation was added.

mToolkit First Development Build is a Fact!

March 19, 2009
The first version of mToolkit is a fact. Although it is a development release, you can go grab it and start playing with it. You can download it from the Downloads and Install page.